Ayurveda is called the “Science of Life,” It comes from India. But starting an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing business takes time and work. Many little things need to be handled with the utmost care because if something goes wrong, it could have significant effects. The ayurvedic industry can use various business plans. Some are ayurvedic distribution, ayurvedic franchise concept, ayurvedic medicine manufacturing companies, marketing, and much more.

Essential steps to take when starting a pharmacy:

  1. Finding a place for the manufacturing unit

The first step is looking for a place to set up the manufacturing unit, whether we own or rent the space. Also, the building should have enough workers, machines, laboratories, storage, and space.

  1. Choosing a name

After the location is decided, the next step is to come up with a good name for the ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit. Also, the name should be short, meaningful, and original. The name should also be easy to say and represent the company’s business. Most importantly, the company’s name shouldn’t have any “silent” characters.

  1. Requesting a manufacturing license number

It is one of the essential parts of setting up an ayurvedic third-party manufacturing company. To start an ayurvedic business, you need a license from AYUSH, not the FSSAI. But we need three things from AYUSH that we can get: a Complete Manufacturing License, a Loan License, and a Contract/Third Party/White Label/Product to Product Manufacturing License.

  1. Product approval request

To finish this step, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork. There is a list of documents to turn in and the right way to do things. But some of the documents needed should be an Application on form 24D, a list of the fees, a site plan for the building, the machinery, medicines, lab equipment, and other things, and a site plan for the building.

After getting approval, there are a few more steps to making an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit:

  1. Apply for a GST number by filling out an application.

If a person isn’t selling exempt products, they need a GST number to sell goods across the country. The government made this a legal requirement. The process happens through an online portal or digitally, so there is no paper involved.

  1. AYUSH Manufacture License

In addition to a GST number, an ayurvedic medicine manufacturer unit needs an AYUSH Manufacturing License. AYUSH Manufacturing License also needs information like product details, shape, etc. There are also rules like the manufacturing space can’t be smaller than 1285 square feet.

  1. Starting the making process

All the necessary permissions have been granted, so the company can start making the product. But to make good products that get the job done, the space should be the right size, the machines should be up-to-date, the workers should have experience, and there should be enough lab testing equipment. After making the products, the company can start selling them. The products can be sold through the company’s website or an online store like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Instead of selling online, the ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit can also sell the products by advertising them in the market.


In short, this is what an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company must do. Shreenaina Naturals is one of the best herbal medicine companies in India. It offers a wide variety of ayurvedic products. Shreenaina Naturals products are known for their quality, authenticity, and results.